About IMBM

About IMBM:

IMBM was started in 2009 as a registered organization with the vision to lend a hand to the remote border villages of India and Myanmar, governed by the Regulation under the provision of Manipur Society Registration Act, 1989.

IMBM Profile:

  1. Name of the Organization : Indo-Myanmar Border Mission (IMBM)
  2. Type of Organization : Registered Society governed by 21 Managing Board Members.
  3. Address of Organization : Phungreitang, Ukhrul-795142 Manipur
  4. Phone No : +91 8974455146 (India),
  5. Websites :
  6. Registration No. : 41/UD/SR/2009
  7. Date of Registration : 18-12-2009
  8. Pan (NGO) : AAEAT2747A
  9. Tan (NGO) : SHLT01896G
  10.  Darpan Unique ID: MN/2021/0296967
  11. CSR1 Certificate No. CSR00036374
  12. 12 AA Income Tax Act, 1961 : AEAT2747AE20221
  13. 80 G Income Tax Act, 1961: AEAT2747AF20221
  1. Joint Bank Account : Indo-Myanmar Border Mission, Punjab National Bank Account No, 0257050021933 IFSC: PUNB0025720


IMBM Officers (2021-2026)

  1. Shri. Shimreipam Phungshok, Chairman
  2. Shri. Ningwon Kumrah, Vice Chairman
  3. Shri. Ninglum Wungkhai, Member Secretary (Founder-Director)
  4. Shri. Mayonmi Wungkhai, Joint Secretary Cum Accountant
  5. Smt. Timri shokwungnao, Treasurer
  6. Shri. Somi kasomwoshi, Executive Member
  7. Shri. N K Ngayao, Executive Member
  8. Shri. SD Reisang, Executive Member
  9. Smt. Leishichon Wungkhai, Executive Member/Treasurer

About the border's

There is still a forgotten and dark world in the border of India and Myanmar? No road, no education, no telephone, no medical facilities, no electricity etc. Here it is where every new modern facilities are cut off . India and Myanmar share a long land border of over 1600 km and a maritime boundary in the Bay of Bengal. More than 1000 Villages are in the border’s who are truly could considered as forgotten people facing inconsiderable challenges economically, educationally, spiritually.


Economical Situation:

The worse hardship faced by the border people is due to lack of road connectivity from one village to another. 80% of the people solely depend on cultivation, hunting, fishing, Jumming and shifting cultivation.


Educational Condition:

Four-fifth of the children under the age of 14 are neglected.  The majority of children live in rural villages where life is difficult. Government school in most of the border villages are not functioning. Most of the children of the border villages of India and Myanmar are completely neglected from education due to negligence of the government of India and Myanmar. Most of the children are mal-treated, unvaccinated, careless from basic needs etc. leaving at the mercy of nature. Since the inception of the ministry, child care has been an integral part of IMBM’s mission.


Health Condition:

The life span of this border people are 50 to 60 years due to medical unavailability. HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Anaemia among children and women, Diarrhoea, Asthma etc. are the most prevalent diseases in this area due to lack of vaccination and proper medication. Diarrhoeal disease poses a major problem to the population due to lack of potable water. The overall morbidity trends indicate high morbidity in the population.


Founder-Director's Story

Shri. Ninglum Wungkhai was born at Khamasom village, UKhrul District of Manipur which is one of the last and remote border villages of India and Myanmar. He was raised in this remote village with two siblings by the illiterate parents. Unfortunately, both of his parents died at the same time in 2000 when he was in early teens. He has gone through the life of immeasurable challenges and experiences to live the life of an orphan in pursuance of supporting himself and his younger brother and sister. When he was a young boy, his mother used to remind him by saying that he would become a great leader like Moses who was a dynamic leader of Israel, because they have an analogous childhood story of saving from the water. Moses was saved from the hand of Pharaoh by his mother by floating him in the water, likewise, Wungkhai was born in the water while his mother was working in the water field (local name Aphilui) imperceptibly. They did not know the delivery date as there wasn’t any medical facilities available in their area. There was a high risk of surviving as it was in cold rainy monsoon season. God gave life to Wungkhai from such situation. The similarity of Moses and Wungkhai was that they both were found in the water. The words of his mother always remind him to be one of the leaders to his people like Moses to his Jews people.

Wungkhai belongs to the Tangkhul Naga tribe who was once an abstinent follower of animistic religion. His parents converted into Christian. By God’s grace, he was born in a christian family, but did not know the true values of christian and the meaning of life. He lived a prodigal and worldly life as a teenage boy. In such a time as this, he came to know the true living God and received Him as his personal Saviour in 1999 in one of the youth Camps in his village. He gave his life to live for God and decided to serve Him the rest of his life. He forsook all his extravagant life  and gave his life to God. He envisioned a new vision to serve God. He made a firm decision that serving the needy, weak, poor and helpless are the greatest calling of God in his life.

When Wungkhai was a young boy, he used to take voyage in the extreme border villages of India and Myanmar, and had experienced the pain and suffering of the people in many areas. He used to move to and forth even to the interior and periphery part of Burmese Naga villages. He used to articulate that the word “remote” could not truly express the condition of the border villages. He says that It is truly a “forgotten world” that the world completely unnoticed these areas for many decades till today. None of the governmental works and NGOs’ project reached to those places. Most of the villages still do not have motorable road connectivity, electricity, primary health care centre, school, internet etc. He expresses that it is truly an isolated and neglected area by the government of India and Myanmar due to their political colonial agenda. The experience of Wungkhai living in such a far-flung area made him to take a sturdy obligation to serve his people.


He finished his Bachelor of Divinity (BD) in Christian institution at BBBC&S Bangalore, India, and went to West Coast Baptist College, CA. USA to finish his Master of Theology (M.Th) and Master of Art in Christian Education. He received a various job opportunity to work in US in competent institution and churches to settle down his life comfortably in America, but he prayerfully denied and decided to come back to India by faith to serve the remote border villages.

Therefore, with the vision to help the forgotten people of the border, he started this NGO in 2009 with some of the like-minded friends and villagers under the theme “REACH THE FORGOTTEN WORLD, and has established children home to rescue the orphans & destitute children, school, integrated skill training centre, widow project etc. He had received an international award in Dubai (UAE), given a prestigious title, “The Golden Image of Asia” for the inconspicuous service rendering in the remote place of India and Myanmar on 24th November 2018 by the Global Achievers Foundation.   Wungkhai always used to mention, “If you make a commitment to live for God today, God will take care of your achievements tomorrow”  Wungkhai got married to Timtim Wungkhai and has three sons named Pioneer Wungkhai, Agape Wungkhai and Wungkhaithan Wungkhai. His family is fully dedicated and truly sacrificed in one heart and soul in serving to the remote border villages of India and Myanmar. You can reach Wungkhai at and phone no: +91 8974455146


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